Competition and Its Usefulness – Part 2

What, Why and
A competition must not be taken lightly. However, it has to be understood in order for the experience to be truly worth something. Regardless of event or challenges put in to place that must be overcome, in its end a competition will help you to measure three matters. These items are Your OpponentYour Art (or Skill) as well as Your Self.
To begin with, what is contest? As stated by the Unabridged Dictionary contest is; An evaluation of and ability, a competition, a rivalry between at least two groups or persons to get an object needed in shared, a rivalry usually resulting in a victor and a failure however, maybe not necessarily involving the destruction of the latter, the struggle among cattle of the same and of distinct species, even such as food, distance, and other vital requirements.
In creation not all things are made exactly the same. There are people who have greater and lesser capacities and skills both at exactly the exact same and of different species. All these are developed for a purpose and yet neither have now been found to make sure victory, failure, victory or defeat across the other. There are too many variables which have contributed to your success or failure in every circumstance. Each creation has been given an art or default style design which is to be used as a way to overcome the default or skill style design of exactly the exact same or of a distinct personality. In this is actually the very essence of competition. Since you may have heard that the often misused, saying goes”survival of the fittest”.
Competition, even because it stands really remains applicable to only one species on our planet; also that is man. No other species uses competition for a dimension. For them it can either survive or die. Only men can see the irony of Mastery over Chance and of Skill over Determination.
Second, why contest? It’s been found that none of training, experience or some other aspects of Mastery promise the spoils over chance, quick thinking, luck, favor or some other components of Chance at a struggle. Mankind has spent his existence trying to find the solutions, solutions that are applicable to all humankind. However, these solutions won’t be found. That is because no solution fits every guy. They struggle one another, and chance of the right to say that their way is the ideal.
In fighting styles this challenge pertains to this custom of overcoming one’s environment. In just about any individual’s environment they will see ordinary elements. There was yourself, there is their competition (or even challenger) and there is the physical challenges whether Natural or Man-Made. So whose technique maintains the highest success rate of beating these components? This is the reason why rivalry, as”My Way is Greatest”!
That really is what leads us how we compete. Competition isn’t a freeforall, cut throat implementation of”This Solves That”! There are restrictions placed in your own environment during the right time of the challenge to mimic the conditions which will occur naturally through the specific situation under consideration. Since the majority of humanity wish not to eliminate struggle in passing, you can find rules and policies put into affect to guard the lifestyles of those involved from the challenge. And although the tiniest group of restrictions to protect life can alter the terms from appearing how they can occur naturally, it is a decent addition to the process. We can still identify whose strategy is most useful.
Over timeour ideas of which restrictions and rules are all okay have varied and with the preceding failure and success of past challenges so have our techniques and fashions. This has brought us to where we are now with the way we conduct and manage our modern day challenges known as Competition.

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